Birkenhead Park
Last updated 6th October 2009
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This easy circuit of just under 3 miles (4½ km) provides an introduction to the beautiful and historic Birkenhead Park. It is not only the parkland that is of interest, with its woodland, open spaces and secluded lakes, but the grandiose architecture of the various lodges and houses, expressing the aspirations of the Birkenhead powers-that-were in the mid-19th century. Refreshments and toilets are available in the Birkenhead Park Pavilion.

The relevant Ordnance Survey 1:25000 Explorer map is No. 266. For further information on the locations visited, click on the images.

Detailed mapping and satellite photography for this walk courtesy of Bing Maps
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The route begins at the Grand Entrance [1] to the Lower Park, less than half a mile from Birkenhead Park railway station [17], and grand it is too. Head through towards the Jackson Memorial obelisk [2] on Park Drive, where you turn left and then immediately right onto a narrow path through the trees. You soon pass over the Rustic Bridge [3] on the Lower Lake [4] and there is a nice view of the Boathouse [5] on the opposite bank.

Next comes the unusual covered Swiss Bridge [6] and shortly after a fine view back over the Lower Lake. Turn left at a 'T' in the paths and then left again, following the curved path back to Park Drive. A little way along on the left is the Gothic Lodge [7], unfortunately rather obscured by fencing and trees. Return to Park Drive and cross over it to take the path straight ahead past playing fields on the right. Turn left past the Figure of Eight Lake [8] to rejoin Park Drive.

Pass Birkenhead Park Cricket Club [9] and then next along on the left is the Italian Lodge [10], the prettiest in my view. Back on Park Drive there are two paths opposite in a 'V' shape. Take the one on the left, which eventually rejoind the Drive and leads to the gates on Ashville Road. Along on the left there are some very grand 19th century houses in various styles.

Go through the gates on the opposite side of Ashville Road to enter the Upper Park. Follow Park Drive round to reach first the Castellated Lodge [11] and then the Norman Lodges [12].

Back on the Drive, a path goes off into the trees to the right a short way along. Follow this but turn off left almost immediately to reach the Upper Lake [13]. Follow the path as it meanders round the lake with nice aspects over the water. It emerges back on the Drive at Ashville Road by the Central Lodge [14].

Cross over Ashville Road back into the Lower Park. A path shortly goes off on the right, which you follow past a children's play area to reach a rather impressive rockery [15] and the Lower Lake [4]. Here follow the path around the left-hand (north) side of the lake. You can have a close-up look at the Boathouse [5] followed by an idyllic view back towards it. Return to the Drive near the Grand Entrance and the starting point. Refreshments and toilet facilities are available in the Birkenhead Park Pavilion [16] just along the Drive to the left.